Saturday, 19 November 2011

HUGE them .

MY Family , i have such a BIG family , 4 brothers and 4 sisters , huge right ? i not bongsu but for bos i am bongsu , HAHA , the last is my sisterr now she in primary school , sy anak ketujuh , my first and scnd sister ordy get married and next sister will get maarried on december 2011 , tdk lamee lagii tuu aint ? there's some picture of my family and I ~


herroundes flood .

bestt oo hujan malammalam , first first rasee mcm thuu , lame lamee hujan makin lebatt , haihhh ! weird -.- , LEABT sngtt tuu hujaan , teruss around 1 hourr , naik sdhh airr , aik , cemass sdh semua orrangg nea , punyaa tinggi tuu airr rumah , if 2 tingkatpunn masuk jugaak kalii tuu airr , adehh , apee gunee longkang besarr derrr tp hal hal mcm nea xlehh nak elak ? 

tp, alhamdullilaah laa , tiadaa apa apa berlaku semaa family aku , kesian gak aahh ngan family yang anak die hilang dlm banjirrr . TAPII ! bestt laa my abg dpt jalann nea mlm check in lagii tuu , tdk kenaa suruhh pulang rumaah pasall banjirr , menyesall x ikiott die jalan tadiii , adehh ~
hopefully , this kinda stuff happen only once not repeated ! pray fir you ALLAH ~

Friday, 18 November 2011

bored holiday .

for the first time , 2011 school holiday kinda bored , i cant go anywhere out of my hometown because my sister will married next month so we have to prepare everything here , she gonna married wif a guy from melake , my future brother in law cool , open and awesome !
i wanna to find a job , so i dint feel much bored but my parent wont allow me , why ? is that bad ? im big ody mahh , i can find my own money ( i think so ) .
this holiday , make me realise that next year i will have to go with my SPM !!! ohhh , D**N idk how i wanna get 10A+ , ha ha , just kidd ' my target , 2A+ 2A and 2A- , wish me luck !! to early laaa dearr ~
i just re NEW my blog , because i saw theres alot of my friend that active on their blog now , so , i want too ~ buttt , I'm kinda bored person , just be me right ? dint care what will HUMAN say up about me ? OK then .